Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering can be defined as “the fundamental re-conception and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance measures such as cost, quality, service and speed”.

Therefore it’s a fundamental re-conception and a holistic view of an organization.
Questions like : why we do what we do ?, or why we do it this way ?, have to be internalized in the fundamentals of work processes.

Process reengineering from the perspective of SunLight Business Solutions is not only improving processes, but mainly, search how to reinvent it for creating competitive advantages based on technological advances of our applications.

Usual stages of a reengineering process are:

• Identification of strategic and operational existing or required processes, and creation of a map (a template) of these processes.
• Ranking of the process map for redesign, and identification of key processes, those that will be addressed first o in deeper detail.
• Development of the vision of the new improved processes.
• Process Reengineering (creation and redesign) conducted by our expert consultants, your internal experts, and the contribution of both.
• Preparation and testing of new processes (pilot process).
• Subsequent processes of continuous improvement.

Internal processes definitions in your company are not eternal, it requires changes to adapt in a dynamic and sustained way, we specialize in financial engineering process, we’ll be happy to help and support your company in these changes.