Bespoke Developments

Sometimes there are needs or specific processes that are not covered by standard products, SunLight Business Solutions has extensive experience in custom development, tell us your needs, trust us your project.

We have highly qualified staff in the most advanced techniques of application development; we use .NET, ASP, JAVA, PHP technology. Our development methodology ensures that the final product is what our customers require.

These are the basics principles:

• The key objective is to generate a rapid development and a high quality delivery with a relatively low investment cost.
• Try to reduce the inherent risk splitting the project into smaller segments, providing easier ways of introducing changes during the development process.
• Orientation dedicated to producing high quality systems quickly, mainly by using iteration by prototypes (at any stage of development), promotes user involvement and use of software development tools. These tools may include builders Graphical User Interface (GUI), CASE tools: Computer Aided Software Engineering, database management systems (DBMS), programming languages, code generators, and object-oriented techniques.
• Project Control involves the definition of priorities and deadlines. If the project begins to be postponed, the emphasis is on making decisions together SunLight Business Solutions - Client to adjust the requirements, project scope, and if necessary increasing the deadline.
• Generally includes Joint Application Development (JAD), where users are heavily involved in designing the system, either through structured consensus building workshops, or electronically.
• The active participation of users is essential.
• Produce the necessary documentation to facilitate the future development and maintenance.